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International curriculum
The PREPA MADA curriculum is founded upon The Cambridge international curriculum, which sets a global standard for education, and is recognized by universities and employers worldwide.
International recognition
Cambridge qualifications are recognised globally by universities (over 2100 universities and colleges worldwide) and employers.
Teaching and learning
candidates of this prep program benefit from the Cambridge-backed approach to teaching and learning, where they get the best possible preparation for their exams and qualifications.


Cambridge AICE Diploma
This is a Cambridge Qualification providing a broad curriculum with a balance of maths and science, languages, arts and humanities, and interdisciplinary subjects, with flexibility and choice of subjects at different levels.
The AICE Curriculum
Passing the Cambridge AICE requires that the candidate takes a mandatory core subject plus a set of subjects selected from the subject groups. Candidates are required to select at least one subject from each group.
The core
The core is the Cambridge International

AICE Diploma Credits

To achieve the Cambridge AICE Diploma, candidates must achieve a minimum of seven credits (including Global Perspectives & Research) from subject groups 1, 2, and 3 to be awarded the Diploma. With the AS pathway, candidates must achieve at least one credit from each of Groups 1, 2, and 3. A Cambridge International AS Level subject is awarded one credit.
For the PREPA MADA AS pathway, candidates are required to take six (06) subjects plus Global Perspective, to meet the requirements for AICE qualification.

AICE Assessment

Cambridge International AS Level subjects are graded A to E. The Cambridge AICE Diploma is awarded on a points system, so each grade is converted to a number of points as shown in the table below.
Candidates who meet the requirements of the group award will receive a Cambridge AICE Diploma at one of three levels:
–       Cambridge AICE Diploma with Distinction: candidates must score 360 points or above.
–       Cambridge AICE Diploma with Merit: candidates must score between 250 and 359 points. 
–       Cambridge AICE Diploma at Pass level: candidates must score between 140 and 249 points. 
The maximum Diploma score is 420 points.
Candidates who do not meet the requirements of the group award will receive certificates for their individual subjects.


Start of admission process:
–       May to August of every year.
Conditions for admission:
–       Age
–       Minimum academic qualification
Admission process:
–       Complete an admission form, obtainable from the school or school’s website.
–       A placement test
Student notification
–       Candidates receive an admission letter to confirm their admission to the Prep progam.

PREPA study pathway and duration

Cambridge International offers the AICE Diploma from individual Cambridge International AS and A level, covering knowledge from three different subject groups, plus the core compulsory subject. The PREPA MADA program, in a bid to facilitate the process for learners, chooses the AS pathway, so that students can qualify for university within ten to eleven months of studies.
The program begins in September/October of every academic year and candidate take their AICE assessment in the October/November session of the same year.

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