Competition for spots at quality colleges is fiercer than ever. Many colleges are accepting only 1/3 of the applicants as they did 20 years ago! This means that students even with excellent grades and test scores are getting turned down left and right.

By design, we have trained Counselors on the inside who know how to beat the admissions game. They as well master the deadlines and timelines for admissions into top universities.

REGISTER your child at Mada International College inorder to benefit how to Win Admission to a Highly Selective Colleges abroad. in any continent and country of your choice.


With applicant competition so tough, it’s no wonder such a high percentage of families are working with private advisors. Admissions advisors at Mada International College not only help student uniquely position themselves for acceptance at competitive colleges, but they can also simplify the confusing admissions process through custom roadmaps, clear checkpoints, and on-demand support.

 Most parents whose children do not sponsor their children at our school confess they are paying $5,000 (or much more) for this kind of service.

Given your student’s current pursuit for quality education, we thought you give a child a chance by enrolling them at Mada International College.

College admissions have become increasingly more competitive and complicated over the years. Some colleges that used to accept 30% of applicants now have acceptance rates in the single digits. Not to mention, the steadily increasing costs of college puts further pressure on students to attend a high-quality college that will set them up for a thriving career.

Luckily, there are tricks to mastering the college admissions process, ensuring your children gets into the best college for them, while maximizing the amount of financial aid you receive.
At MADA International College we make sure we accompany your child to brave the odds in the complex admission process to top universities.

University Admissions Department

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