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The Cambridge Curriculum is a continuum of studies that opens opportunities for learners to access world-class institutions of higher learning. It uses an inquiry-based curriculum to promote independent critical thinkers and provides a foundation of skills and knowledge to prepare students for success in their careers. The Cambridge program covers students aged 11 to 19 from grades 7 to 13.



Students studying in the Cambridge program choose from a range of subjects, based on their career aspirations. These subjects range from the sciences, Arts and Humanities, Languages, and Management.

Our students are taught to be independent learners and critical thinkers to solve real problems, by developing and creating real solutions to those problems. Our students study by researching information, developing ideas and plans, crafting bespoke solutions, and evaluating the solution they made, in their areas of interest.

Lower Cambridge Program of Studies

The Lower Cambridge Program of studies is the middle program of studies that bridges the Primary Years and the Upper Cambridge Program of Studies. Teaching and learning is done by an inquiry-based approach in a bid to instil in our learners, critical thinking skills and knowledge to prepare them for success. The Lower Cambridge  program of studies involves learners aged 10 to 14, from grades 7 to 9.

Subjects offered at this level include Integrated Science (where units deal more with topics centered on Biology, Physics, and Chemistry), Economics, Global Perspective, ICT, Geography, Maths, English Language, German and Arts & Craft.

Learners at this level of studies end up with a Cambridge Check point exam at the third year.

Upper Cambridge Program of Studies

Cambridge AS & A Levels Program of Studies

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