Mada International College is recruiting teachers for the following subjects:

  1. Computer Science,
  2. Mathematics and Physics,
  3. English Language,
  4. Spanish,
  5. German

Teaching qualification

Mada International College is looking for well-trained teachers who:

  • Have 3-5 years teaching experience in IGCSE and A Level or the GCE and A Level in the National Curriculum.
  • Have at least  a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in their subject area.
  • Can teach well-planned and engaging lessons.
  • Have a mastery of basic IT Skills
  • Always set high expectations, which inspire, motivate, and challenge students.
  • Ensure excellent pastoral care.
  • Will contribute to the co-curricular programme and school activities in a committed and enthusiastic manner.
  • Work co-operatively and supportively with all members of staff.
  • Are prepared to go the extra mile.
  • Can work under pressure.


  1. Young,energetic and apt Cameroonian of both gender.
  2. A complete file deposited at the school secretariat or to on or before Friday, 31 July 2020, 12:00 GMT
  3. The file should comprise of:
  • Photocopy of certificates and/or diplomas
  • Photocopy of birth certificate and ID card
  • Photocopy of certificates of services
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Location plan
  • Typed letter of motivation addressed to the manager of Mada International College
  • 02 Recommendation letters, at least 01 from your former employer

N/B: Salaries will be negotiated after preselection. Mada International College is situated behind IRIC. For more information, Contact:(+237) 670370736



It is the practice of Mada International College to make its programs available to all applicant from any program and any part of the world. No applicant will be excluded by Mada International College on the grounds of race, nationality or national origin, ethnicity, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, political believes, disability or any other personal characteristics as prohibited by the law



Policy name

Recruitment Policy


To provide guidance on policy and procedures for the recruitment of staff at MIC


Mada International College


Approved by

Board of Directors

Approval date

8 May 2019

With effect from

August 2019

Next review due

August 2020


1.0 final


MADA International College maintains high standards of effective recruitment practices with specific attention to child protection.

The main aim of this policy is to recruit, train and retain a team of qualified, committed, energetic and effective personnel with a high degree of integrity. This in a bit to provide comprehensive, effective education and support for children and young adults, focused on their physical, social and emotional well-being. This well-structured recruitment procedure will help deter the wrong people from applying and prevent the wrong people from being employed.


This policy will apply to everyone who applies to work at MADA International College, be it on a permanent basis, as temporal staff, volunteers or interns.

Recruitment procedures and guidelines

MIC is an equal opportunity institution, committed to its value of inclusion in the recruitment procedure, without any discrimination to race, sex, or religious believes, in a bit to promote diversity and dynamism. The goal is to specify requirements of the vacant post and recognition of the need for flexibility to respond to changing conditions.

Recruitment procedure

  • The recruitment process for teachers starts with identification of a vacancy by the HOS.
  • A careful analysis is made by HOS and Financial Officer for any new vacant position, to align with school budget.
  • All new and replacement posts for teaching staff, are proposed by Head of School taking into consideration the necessity of the post, the availability of the skill for the post, attributes and behaviours required to do the job.
  • Fair treatment shall be given to all applications.
  • All applications will be subjected to competitive selection procedure.
  • Selection is done by two teams, formed by HOS. These teams do the shortlisting independently, then compare in order to compile a fair transparent shortlist of candidates.
  • Recruitment of administrative and support staff shall be the duty of the management.
  • The Board of directors holds the sole responsibility to recruit a HOS, but collaborates with HOS to recruit coordinators.
  • The board of directors or its representative reserves the right to confirm and certify all contract of personnel recruited in MIC.

Job Advertisement

  • All vacancies will be advertised internally and/or externally, using different mediums of advertisement in order to attract a large number of competent applicants.

Contents of Application

Application files shall consist of the following:

  • a resume,
  • cover letter,
  • a copy of certificates and/or diplomas
  • a certificate of non-conviction,
  • certificate of domiciliation for foreigner,
  • Names, contacts and email addresses of three professional references.


  • All applicants must state their commitment to the child protection right. They should equally understand that all references will be checked
  • MIC will not recruit any worker who is holder of an employment contract in another school, without proof of resignation from that institution.

Job Interviews:

  • Only shortlisted applicants are invited to face-to-face interviews, or by skype.
  • Interviewees are sent the job description and other documents in advance.
  • The interviews will be done by head of departments/vice principals/coordinators, principals or HOS and Board Representative.
  • The interviewee may be asked to present a lesson or any other work item deemed necessary for the assessment.
  • Interview questions are formulated for each position and shared among members involved in the recruitment process, with sample responses.
  • The interviewers will complete an interview form during the interview session to assess the applicant’s suitability.
  • The interview panels will finalize a list of candidates in order of merit for each post.
  • All interviewee will be notified through phone, email or letter on the result of the interview.
  • Successful applicants are communicated the deadline to sign a contract with MIC, without which their position is automatically offered to the next on the waiting list.
  • The completed form is filed in the successful applicant’s personnel file.
  • Copies of their passport & original certificates are checked before any contract is signed.
  • All new members of staff are then added to the school all staff online system.

Pre-appointment checks:

  • All applicants must undergo a police check before they commence their employment.
  • A record of all checks is kept on a single central record of all staff.
  • All applicants are invited to self-disclose any criminal records they have. They are asked to submit this to the interviewer in a sealed envelope. This envelope will only be opened if the applicant has been successful at interview stage. Two WSE managers will be responsible for discussing and deciding whether to appoint based on the offence and records are kept of the discussion. If the applicant is not successful the sealed envelope is returned to him/her unopened.
  • Check of three written references which permit appraisal of candidates ability to work in group, with and near children
  • Explanation of any gaps in the CV
  • Verification of the authenticity of the qualification
  • The verification of the identities that is copy of the passport and birth certificate
  • The certificate of non-conviction

All the staff recruited will provide information concerning their address, social security, family and marital status and bank details   

Post selection:

The new employee attends the student welcome talk and tour and is given a welcome pack along with all school induction information and procedures. They are also asked to complete a form giving details of next of kin & bank details, and the Children’s Act 1989 Self-declaration form. A copy of their passport & any certificates is taken. A member of staff is appointed to look after them and go through the induction checklist and procedures with them. All new members of staff undergo online training in Child Protection level one, Fire Safety, Channel General Awareness Training from the College of Policing, and Prevent for Practitioners and/or Leaders and Managers from the Education and training Foundation

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