MADA International College is  pleased  to  offer  prestigious  scholarships  for  learners  from all continents  and  who  have  received  or are eligible to receive  an  offer to  study  on  an  eligible  course  starting  in  September  2020. The  scholarship  decision  will  be  made  by  scholarship board and  all  decisions  of  the  awarding  committee  are  final.  The scholarship will be a tuition fee reduction from primary years to high school. If  you  are  awarded  a  scholarship,  your  fee  will  be  adjusted  before  you  enroll.

We look for candidates

  • who are motivated and determined
  • Who are and whose parents are committed to MIC Vision and Mission
  • Who aspire to further their studies abroad after high school
  • Who wish to benefit from MIC International Curriculum
  • Whose quality will enrich the MIC community and be a positive contribution to it
  • Students from the French subsystem are welcome


Ø  Academic excellence

Ø  Proof of good morals

Ø  Age suitability

Ø  Be medically fit




Ø  Report cards for last 3 years

Ø  Recommendation letter

Ø  2 passport size photographs

Ø  Complete application form

Ø  Medical certificate from a known medical institution (Gilead)

Ø  Photocopy of birth certificate

Ø  Successfully complete test in April and June (except MIP). Date to be announced

It is the practice of Mada International College to make its programs available to all students from any program and any part of the world. No student will be excluded by Mada International College on the grounds of race, nationality or national origin, ethnicity, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, political believes, disability or any other personal characteristics as prohibited by the law.

Adapted from IB's General Regulations: Diploma Program (Article 4.1, page 3)







50% Scholarship FCFA

Number of places










1.550.000 FCFA

775.000 FCFA

10 pupils per class

10 pupils

2-5 years

3 years


Nursery 1&2

1.300.000 FCFA

650.000 FCFA

10 pupils per class

10 pupils

3 years


Grade 1-3

1.200.000 FCFA

600.000 FCFA

10 Pupils per class

10  pupils

5-11 years

3 years


Grade 4-6

1.300.000 FCFA

650.000 FCFA

10 pupils per class

10  pupils

3 years




ISP 1-3

2.000.000 FCFA

1.000.000 FCFA

10 students per class

20 student

10-18 years

3 years


ISP 4-7

2.500.000 FCFA

1.250.000 FCFA

10 students per class

20 students

2 years

Electronic books

N/B: All students are expected to pay a sum of 200.000FCFA upon award of scholarship as registration fee. Pupils and students can reapply in the 4th year. Uniforms, exercise books, text books, and laptops will be the sole responsibility of the parents or sponsors. For the laptop characteristics, contact MIC website ( for more information.

How to apply

Complete this ONLINE APPLICATION FORM. Make sure you fill in all the sections.

Applications received after the final deadline will not be considered. All applications received after 16:00 GMT (4 pm), will be considered for the next deadline. Applications received after the final deadline, will not be considered. Successful candidates will be contacted within four weeks of deadline. All information provided by the application is confidential.



You must answer all questions for your application to be considered.




Terms and Conditions

1- To be  eligible  for  consideration  for  an  international  scholarship,  applicants  must:

  • Qualify for a grade level.
  • Must meet all the criteria demanded.

2- Please note: Advanced level holders with very good grades at Cameroon GCE A levels or Baccalaureate or its equivalence from any country in the world are also eligible to apply for a scholarship at MIC.

3- If you’re  studying  at  an  institution   that  has  a  partnership  agreement  with  MIC  you  can only receive partnership discount or MESS AWARD. If you are not awarded a scholarship, you will automatically receive the partnership discount.

4- Students who are sponsored (i.e. fees  are  being  paid)  by  their  parents ’   employers,  government  or  a  funding  body  (full  /  part) are  also eligible  to  apply  for MESS AWARD.

5- Applicants are only eligible to take the scholarship exams once per school year.

6- Applicants are  only  eligible  to  apply  for  a  scholarship  if  they  are  due  to  enroll  on  the  first  year  of  their  grade  in  September 2020.

7- Applications received  after  the  16:00  GMT  (4  pm)  deadline  will  automatically  be  considered  for  the  next  available    For example,  application  forms  submitted  after  the  first  deadline  and  before  the  second  deadline,  will  be  considered  for  the  second deadline.

8- Applications received  after  the  final  /  last  deadline  will  not  be considered.

9- Good conduct and academic excellent must be upheld at all times without which, the scholarship may be forfeited.

10- The scholarships will be a tuition fee reduction for all grade levels.

11- If you  are  awarded  a partial Scholarship  with  an  award  for  each  year  of  study,  the  award  will  be  deducted  from  your tuition fee  at  the  start  of  each    You  must  successfully  complete  each  year  of  the  course  in  order  to  continue  to  receive  this.

12- The scholarship  is  not  transferable  and  will  not  be  awarded  if  you  choose  to  defer  your  entry  to  a  different  start  date,  or  if  you choose  to  transfer  to  a  different  course  at  the School.

13- The scholarship  will  be  awarded  when  an  applicant  accepts and  meets  the  conditions  of  enrollment

14- Scholarships are  competitive  and  selection  is  based  on  the  information   provided  on  the  scholarship  application    It  is, therefore,  of  great  importance  that  you  give  your  scholarship  statement  careful  thought  and  preparation,  and  that  you  refer  to the  criteria  provided.

15- The MESS AWARD board’s  decision  in  all  matters  relating  to  the  scholarship  is final.

16- If your  scholarship  application  is  successful,  we  may  ask  you  to  become  a  student  ambassador,  or  to  appear  in  online  and  /  or printed  marketing  materials  for  MIC  For  example,  providing  a  student  profile  and  a  photograph  which  may  be  used  to promote the  school  and  MIC’s  scholarship  schemes  and    Your  name  and  course  will  be  printed  in  the Scholarships  Awards Celebration  Program.

17- In the  event  that  a  student  fails  to  complete  an  eligible  grade  which  has  received  the  scholarship  and  chooses  to  retake  the grade    then  the  scholarship  will  not  be  applied again.

18- Should a  student  withdraw  from  their  grade  whilst  owing  a  proportion  of  their  tuition  fees  to  MIC,  they will be compelled by law to complete the proportion owed.

19- MIC reserve the right to determine the number of scholarship to be awarded.

20- MIC reserves the exclusive right to maintain or modify the awards in situations where conflicts of interest may arise.


  • Before sending your application, we recommend that you do the following:
  • Please check  that  you  have  received  or are eligible to  receive  an  offer  to  study  on  an  eligible grade.
  • Please check  that  you  have  provided  the  same  email  address  that  you  used  when  applying  for  your grade.
  • Please ensure  that  you  have  read  and  understood  the  terms  and conditions.
  • Please check  that  you  have  included  all  your  personal  information,  including  your  ‘N’  or  ‘T’ number.
  • Please ensure  that  you  have  read,  understood  and  written  your  scholarship  statements  to  meet  the criteria.
  • Please make  sure  that  you  are  specific,  clear  and  check  your  application  carefully  before  sending  it  to us
  • Please return  your  completed  application  form  to as  soon  as  possible  and  by  the  deadline dates  at  the latest.  This  list  is  offered  as  an  indicative  suggestion  and  is  not  intended  to  be  prescriptive  or exhaustive.

Please confirm that you have read the scholarship terms and conditions:

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